Saturday, February 20, 2010


I made this penny rug (mat) last week, I have never attempted one before... It was so fun to make........

This shelf I found at the Good will for $12.99... but it didnt look like this....I gave it a face lift with some barn red paint... then I added some bead board to the back.....

What a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.... The sun is shinning , flowers are popping up , and birds singing..... Its amazing how a little sun can cheer the heart!!! I've had a busy week, running here and there, spending time with friends and family... but I did manage to get in a little crafting in....Does anyone go to Farmers Market???? Do you have a Farmers Market?? where you can go and buy handmade goodies and organic vegies and ect..... I was thinking of selling some prim crafts there, I need to make up my mind soon, or all the spots will be gone. It does take up most of your Saturday's through out the spring and summer...Hum, we will see

Started a new health ( diet ) program... today is my first day....Food has been on my mind all day, hopefully that will pass...grr....

Have a great weekend


  1. you will do fine.... you usually can do anything you put your mind to do jeannette! i am excited for you.

  2. that shelf turned out great.... thankgoodness for secondhand stores!